Original Volumising Shampoo

Ideal for fine to medium thickness hair, this luxury silicone-free professional shampoo is rich in rare cashmere proteins and gentle cleansers.  Micro protein amino-acids drive deep into the hair shaft to repair and strengthen, boosting volume and body so your hair feels thicker with great movement and shine. Original Shampoo has no added fragrance or colour.

Healthcare for Hair:

• Formulated with rare cashmere proteins almost identical to human hair molecules.
• Silicone-free so doesn’t smother the hair shaft or ‘plasticise’ the scalp.
• Plumps hair up from within giving lasting body and bounce.

How to use:

Wet hair thoroughly and spread a teaspoon of shampoo between palms- more for long or very thick hair.  Apply to hair and scalp then massage for 30 seconds.  Rinse thoroughly and then for 30 seconds more. Repeat if necessary.  Always follow with appropriate Cashmere Protein Conditioner to reseal and protect the hair.


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