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New - Jet Silver Luxe No.1 Brush

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Our No.1 Brush is a game-changer in brush design. Perfect for all types of hair, long or short. Voted No.1 by industry professionals and by The Independent Newspaper as the best brush 2021 and 2022. Also voted by British Beauty Blogger as her favourite ever brush.

Detangle and style in one, whilst protecting the hair and boosting thickness. Voted No.1 by industry professionals, this brush has super smooth and flexible bristles made from Japanese nylon, that glide through the hair releasing knots without snagging or pulling.

Healthcare for Hair:

• Handmade with super smooth, flexible bristles to minimise stress to the delicate hair shaft, helping to maintain healthier and thicker hair.
• Does not pull or tug, which means brushing and detangling with no snapping or breaking.
• So gentle, it’s an ideal solution to brushing children’s hair.

How to use:

Always detangle from the ends first then brush up and backwards through the hair to free the roots. Care for your brush by occasionally damp wiping with soapy water to remove product residue. Rinse and allow to air dry. Do not leave immersed in water.

WARNING: Do not use with high heat settings if styling with a hairdryer, and always keep a 1” distance from the nozzle.

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