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Did You Avoid these Mistakes in Lockdown?

January 29, 2021

Did You Avoid these Mistakes in Lockdown?

The world order has been turned upside down. Huge societal and cultural changes are in play. Have we laid down bad habits for the future? 

1. Neglect

For most people Lockdown 1 had novelty value and it was sunny. In Lockdown 3 the ongoing restrictions and delayed Spring weather are grinding many people down. We all need to take care not to slip into self neglect and thinking that how we look doesn’t matter. People are getting so laid back at home, they’re feigning computer errors for keeping the video off on Zoom calls. 
But how you look and how you feel are linked at a soul level. Your hair is one of the biggest factors in how you show up, and the self-esteem which flows from that.
Rates of depression and drug prescriptions are rocketing. Lockdown isn’t forever and it’s a fantastic opportunity to put more effort into our visual health and reclaim naturally healthy hair. Less killing it with hot tongs and excessive colouring. More airdrying and lavish healing treatments.

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And don’t forget healthy scalps are important too. Maintain a healthy frequency around hair and scalp cleansing with regular use of Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

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2. Self Surgery

Whilst fringes look simple to cut, they are notoriously difficult to get right. And as more and more comes off trying to correct the errors, an unintended 'suicide fringe' may be the outcome.

So, it could be a good time to give some thought to life without a fringe. And as so much of this modern era has been retro, it may now be time for some hippy and glam rock hairstyles of the 60s and 70s… read more

3. Dodgy Colouring

One of the biggest problems I see with new clients is totally unnecessary, excessive colour damage. Either too much colour, or repeated over and over on the same hair. Leaving it thin, fragile and dull. Why would you damage yourself for so little benefit? Natural colour is more stable than tints and a skilful colourist will optimise a strategy that minimises the structural change in your hair for maximum effect.

That may mean keeping a weave of your own hair in a landscape of different tint and highlight tones. Or maybe using vegetable colours instead of constant tint-toner washes. Find a colourist that cares about hair health, and looks beyond just collecting the bill today. One who wants your hair to look its best for as long as possible, rather than making you return asap to spend again.

Colour hair beautifully, safely and keep it healthy. For home colour-packs and Lockdown help see: Lockdown? What about my colour!

4. Aggressive Heat Styling - over styling for a Zoom date or just from boredom?

This image shows a terribly lazy and harmful way to blowdry hair. The nozzle concentrates too much heat on what’s already very damaged bleached and tinted hair, and resting it on the hair like this guarantees over-drying and further damage.

Throw away the nozzle and keep a one-inch distance between your hair and the dryer. Heat style less often. Try airdrying once a week with a gentler finish. If you miss out just one overheated styling episode a week, that’s 52 less hair visits to hell’s inferno this year. Your ends will thank you.
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 Michael Van Clarke

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