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Frizz Free Hair

February 24, 2023

Frizz Free Hair

It’s been a long time since the first Brazilian Blowdry products were being used. The few people that supplied these unbranded products here in the late 1990s worked in the shadows like drug dealers distributing hooch from the cottage industry of stills in the jungle and favelas.

They were effective at smoothing but being filled with formaldehyde were toxic for clients and even more so for the hairdressers. As the smoothing effects took the world by storm, regulators banned them and the international beauty conglomerates set about making safe formulas for these very popular treatments.

The early attempts were not nearly as effective and as a salon we stopped offering the service for several years because the results were unpredictable. Competition to win this market eventually created a range of effective products more commonly known now as keratin straighteners but in my opinion none quite as effective as the original (nice hair shame about the carcinogens) toxic versions. 

But our new Hair Botox treatment achieves the effectiveness of the early products safely. This versatile treatment can be used with nuance to give different degrees of smoothness, keeping body and volume where its needed or even just smoothing those annoying hairlines or fringes. It’s particularly useful in the summer where climate or water activities can make it impossible to rely on blowdrys alone.

Botox Smoothing Treatment – From £250

Questions about Hair Botox

What is Hair Botox?
Hair Botox is actually a treatment that restores deep hydration to hair. It acts directly on the internal and external structure of the hair fibre providing a intense restoration and immediate healing, sealing the cuticles and promoting the hair mirroring effect.

How often do you have the treatment?
Every 2-5 months, but on some people’s hair it can last up to 6 months.

Is there a lot of upkeep?
Hair Botox gradually fades out and if you decided not to have it again it wouldn’t leave you with frizzy roots and straight ends. A sulphate free shampoo is recommend such as 3’’’More Inches Moisturising Shampoo.

Will my hair be dead straight after?
Hair Botox is completely adjustable to the client needs. The stylist can make the treatment gentle for more movement in the hair or more intense for a straighter look. It is more of a smoothing treatment than a straightening treatment.

Can I have Hair Botox with coloured hair?
Yes it is absolutely safe to use on coloured hair and actually recommend, as bleaching and colouring can dry out the hair. We recommend waiting to have the Hair Botox treatment two weeks post colour appointment.

Is it any good for fine, thin hair?
It can actually work well for thin fine hair as it adds volume to the hair follicle.

Will it damage my hair?
It is a very moisturising treatment and leaves the hair silky and smooth. The treatment does use straightening irons to lock in the product however once you have had the treatment you will use less heat overall when styling your hair at home which in the long run will benefit your hair.

How does it compare to keratin treatments?
Less chemicals are used in the Ondine Hair Botox treatment which is what makes it so popular. The ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Pracaxi Oil, Shea Butter and Tanin Plus.

Is it safe in pregnancy?
Yes it is safe as it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, however we recommend from the 3rd trimester.

Its purpose is to cover the “holes” presented over time in hair processed by chemicals in general. Stimulates the formation of Collagen and Elastin. When it penetrates inside the hair fibre, Hyaluronic Acid promotes intense repair, rebuilds its structure and guarantees adequate hydration levels.

Repairing system that acts on the structure of the hair, recovering the hair fibre. Rich in vitamin E, it strengthens and creates a protective film on the hair.

Rich in fatty acids, it has high hydration power, ensuring shine, control and strength for the wires.

It is a polyphenol of vegetable origin in several forms. It is a natural binder that, combined with other raw materials, forms a powerful sealing agent and nutrient enhancer.

 Michael Van Clarke

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