Holding Spray

June 03, 2020

Holding Spray

It’s at high-pressure events that our salon professional products really come into their own. Take the humble Holding Spray in our 3’’’More Inches range. “Tut tut. A hairspray’s a hairspray”, you may say. And if you were comparing all the rest with each other I’d probably agree.

But a great holding spray absolutely must:

1. Deliver a fine mist that stays invisible and dries quickly so it doesn’t spoil delicate chignons.

2. Have flexible memory so the hair still moves and doesn’t look like a helmet

3. Brush out and leave the hair re-workable

4. Not make the hair sticky or dull.

Simple you may think. But our 3’’’More Inches Holding Spray ticks all the boxes and we haven’t come across a competitor product that doesn’t fail on one or more of those absolute essentials. And these are the performance features we need for all our clients at the Michael Van Clarke salon too.

All our products in the 3’’’More Inches range are developed through rigorous scientific research and thoroughly tested in the salon, on the catwalk and the photo studio before launch. Some have been tested in baking hot arid deserts, freezing Wyoming winters and sea salt-ridden desert islands. We need to trust that their performance is second to none because your hair is too important to us.

What it is 
A salon professional mist that gives flexible hold and brushes out for reworking styles. Developed for the high-performance arenas of catwalks, photo-shoots and the most demanding international salon clients, this ultra-fine holding spray outperforms all others.

What it does
The fine dry mist dries rapidly and invisibly so as not to disturb hairstyle. It stays flexible for natural effect and brushes out for reworking. It doesn’t wet hair or leave it feeling stiff or sticky, and doesn’t clag hair, so brushes out easily.

What you see & feel
Flexible memory allows movement and bounce. You’ll feel the hold but hair remains touchable.

Application tips
Spray directly onto a finished style at arm’s length to fix firmly. Spray into the air and walk through mist for lighter hold.

Amazing Ingredients
Cashmere amino acids and plant extracts help give protection and shine.

 Michael Van Clarke

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