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How Old is That Man?

November 01, 2018

How Old is That Man?

No, I’m not outing myself chronologically. Besides, I decided to recalibrate my age down to 40 this year to match my wife. So much easier to remember now we’re the same age! Here we discuss how hairstyles age the wearer.

The lazy or unenlightened hairdresser can easily tip a client into their next decade; a great one can bring them back ten years. No surprise which hairdressers stay busy. Nowhere is this illustrated more clearly than with men’s hair and the receding hairlines.

Most men will go through a pattern of thinning even if it isn’t full-on premature baldness. But hair doesn’t just thin and recede at the forehead; it also creeps inward from the hairline, above the sideburns and at the nape of the neck. This results in a natural trend towards the Friar Tuck look on short hair.

A skilled stylist will shape and layer carefully, dramatically minimising the effect of thinning hair. Carefully removing excess bulk where the hair is thick and pushing it visually and energetically to where hair is thinner. This technique can easily take 15 years off a middle aged man and keep him looking more youthful and vibrant. Great looking hair is nearly always more powerful than cosmetic surgery.

Even when men have their hair very short there is a huge difference between being clippered all over, which just gives a brutal skull-shaped haircut, and skilfully cut to enhance the best features whilst disguising those less so. People that have never had a quality haircut cannot appreciate the value it has on one’s total look and self esteem.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘clothes make the man’, but a cheap haircut may scream louder than a cheap suit...