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In the Chair - Real Models Real Hair - Linnea

October 27, 2022

In the Chair - Real Models Real Hair - Linnea

A model’s life is tough on hair. Our industry issue being that some hairdressers only care about today – once you’re home it’s your problem.

That’s  bad enough in salons with stylists’ and colourists’ chief concern to impress you now. The lack of forethought means colours are often designed to not last very long or applied in a way leading to long term over-processing, and thence dry hair that fades quickly. Overheating hair when styling makes hair dehydrated and less responsive.

But it’s way worse in the studios for models. The session stylist booked for the shoot is even less likely to see the model again and the pressure of getting it right for today’s photographs or video can put all concern for hair health aside. The model can’t just walk off set. I’ve heard of models turned from blonde to black to red to murky blonde in the space of three days.

I first met Linnea when she helped with our salon film in June. Her hair was in terrible condition, but she was terrified to let anyone cut it because of past experiences. She was missing a great chunk from the middle of the back and one side was so broken it was two inches shorter. We agreed to leave it to grow out a little and then we’d sort out the colour and cut.

Only one side cut, but here I’ve circled the melted damage from overly hot tongs left on the hair too long.

Linnea was told they needed her blonde hair a little warmer for a job. She ended up orange. Of course, then another peroxide process had to undo the colour afterwards. Her hair had suffered from excessive heat-styling. She told the clumsy session hairdresser her hair didn’t need 25 seconds to curl a section! Among all the breakage I saw, she had patches of melted hair. This never recovers until it’s cut out and regrows.

I remember working a lot with Jerry Hall in her early days as a top model, pre Mick Jagger when she was dating Bryan Ferry. She had the most incredible long thick Texan hair that could take two of us 90 minutes to tong in preparation for a day of shooting.

I stopped doing magazine work for a period when I opened my salon, then reconnected with her for a shoot about ten years later. By this time she’d gone through the cycle of editorial work then mainstream advertising, and all the aggressive hairstyling had left her with a third of the hair I’d remembered. Most of her photos from that time had her hair all swept to one side. It was still a great look, but there actually wasn’t enough hair to fill both sides. Too much hair abuse in the photo studio.

So, I do feel sorry for models. Their hair is such an important part of their look but they have to suffer working with the revolving door of session stylists. But I’m delighted that we could transform Linnea’s hair and so is she.

1. The Cut

Linnea wanted to keep long hair which was a challenge when so much had broken off and left gaping holes in the shape. But careful and precise rebalancing can shift the fall of the hair to fill in gaps and divert the onlooking eye to the positive aspects. The fringe was left at curtain-bang length but refined to take weight from the centre and fill in missing hair around the sides by scooping the fringe around the cheekbones. This is both exquisitely flattering and effortlessly versatile.  

2. The Colour

Linnea’s hair was very over-processed but she did have four months of virgin regrowth to work with which helped. Rocky our Colour Director assessed the orange tone still showing through the lengths from a previous copper tint. She wanted to take care of the condition so opted for not too many highlights. Well placed foils brightened and added dimension helping to lift the visual effect of thicker hair without painting the over-processed ends again  We used a Redken Cleansing Cream through the lengths and processed everything under Climazone for 20 minutes.

After shampooing most of the orange hue had gone. We then applied a soft ash toner from Redken EQ shades, that gave us the beautiful cool blonde end result.

3. The Condition

After cutting we gave Linnea our LifeSaver Ultra Treatment. Nothing infuses moisture, strength elasticity and shine quite like this. Linnea can continue at home with this unique system of Healthcare for Hair™

Read… The Facts of LifeSaver

“Beautiful, beautiful. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. - Linnea 


For Linnea’s hair we used our hero product LifeSaver Ultra. This Pre-wash Treatment rehydrates, protects and repairs. Even after just one application it injects strength and moisture into the hair which is the critical element in hair having spring, elasticity and bounce. It gets even better with continual use.

We washed with Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo and Cashmere Protein UV Protective Conditioner


A little Thicker Quicker Blowdry Spray and Volumising Mousse helped give body and control. We used the Large Round Brush Soft Bristle to style. Linnea uses a No.1 Brush to stay groomed during the day.

 Michael Van Clarke


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