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Is Your Hair Clean?

December 11, 2021

Is Your Hair Clean?

This isn’t a foray into your personal hygiene 🙈. Just some insight into the term ‘CLEAN’ , which you may have come across in beauty as brands move away from harmful ingredients. Sticking to healthy ingredients is important with ‘rinse off’ products and even more so with ‘left on’ products.

Clean beauty generally means that the product is safe, non-toxic, and has transparent labeling of ingredients. Some of the more conscious niche brands are driving this, but there's still a lot of greenwashing in marketing presentation. Just because a product is natural, or organic, doesn't mean it's healthy or non-toxic.

We create clean products with mostly naturally derived ingredients, designed to allow the hair to shine its naturally vibrant best whether we’re aiming for sleeker smoother hair or fuller thicker hair. We want hair that’s always flexible, touchable, and natural feeling.

Your hair stays cleaner for longer

When people upgrade to our products, many comment on how they don’t have to wash their hair as often. This can be explained in three key areas.

1. Scalp

Some of the products like the LifeSaver Pre-wash Treatments or the Scalp Range are particularly designed to help balance and regulate the scalp. Looking after the scalp area means follicles don’t get clogged up and sebaceous glands aren’t over-producing oils.

♥♥♥♥♥ Amazing!
LifeSaver makes my hair so soft and moisturised. It’s in such better condition and I’ve only been using for a few weeks. I get less hair loss and my hair doesn’t get greasy so quickly. I’m in love with it! - Laura

♥♥♥♥♥ The product I never knew I needed!
Despite being a huge fan of the 3’’’more range, I’d never tried the Scalp Exfoliating treatment before. I don’t have any scalp issues so it doesn’t need treatment right?….how wrong was I! This is my most favourite hair product of them all now! Hair has never felt so clean and glossy! The shine is madness and I’ve got so much more time between washes. Totally blown away - love it. - Lisa
♥♥♥♥♥ Great for oily hair
My hair is naturally oily at the roots and this Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo has really helped extend the time I can go in between washes. - Claire

2. Hair shaft

Many high street products use ingredients that attract dirt and pollution or clog the pores so scalps can’t breathe easily. Our goal is always towards the most naturally clean healthy radiant hair.

♥♥♥♥♥ A must - it’s fab
I love the volume this little spray gives you without making your hair dirty. It's a must. - Marta


♥♥♥♥♥ Fab!
Thicker Quicker is amazing for adding bounce to my bangs! Helps to lift without leaving my hair sticky or greasy. - Emily

♥♥♥♥♥ Lightweight and not sticky
Volumising sprays normally leave my hair sticky and clumpy but not this one - I really enjoy using Thicker Quicker on my fine hair. - Stacey

♥♥♥♥♥ Fantastic products
I have been using this Thicker Quicker blow dry spray for the last 2 weeks, straight after using the Volumising Mousse. I spray this at the roots whilst using the mousse through the mid-lengths. My hair feels noticeably thicker, and my highlights look much fresher at the root. This product is not creating any build-up in my hair - it looks thicker, more vibrant and I finally don’t have to wash it everyday because I’ve found a product which doesn’t create build up and make my blonde hair look limp and dirty.Natasha

♥♥♥♥♥ Styling staple!
First time I’ve ever used a root lift spray and it’s easily become a styling routine staple. Gives me great natural lift without any sticky residue. Love it! - Avni Shah

♥♥♥♥♥ Fantastic Root Lift
It gives lift and volume and stops my hair looking so flat on the crown. There is no feeling of stickiness/crispiness on your hair either it feels very natural. Highly recommend. - Ann

3. Styling

Many ingredients that cosmetically disguise frizz, like heavy oils, plasticisers and silicone, also make hair lank and inflexible, so styles don’t last. Overuse of silicone has also been linked to increased hair loss.

♥♥♥♥♥ Perfect
Fabulous mousse, non-sticky and smells lovely. Ensures my curls and beach waves stay for days! - Laura

♥♥♥♥♥ Super soft & shiny
Wow what can I say. I always thought my hair was quite healthy until I started to use the 3MI products! I have nearly used an entire bottle of this since July. I only use it once a week, but my hair was so thirsty it takes a lot to drench it. The difference it has made has to be seen to be believed as my hair now feels lighter, I can comb it without fear of snagging or knots and tangles, I have also found that I get less hair fall when I wash my hair and my hair has a lovely shine. It’s taken 3 months but I am now noticing when I curl my hair with the air wrap my curls are starting to last longer and need less touch ups the day after it’s washed. This product along with the shampoo and conditioner has been quite literally a life saver. - Lesley Halliday

♥♥♥♥♥ Quite simply the best product I've ever used on my hair

I've tried all the pricey bond builders and curly hair specific brands that make big promises but NOTHING bounces my curls back to life like this. - Kim

♥♥♥♥♥ Amazing!! A must
I am so happy with all of my MVC products. Since discovering in January, I have gone totally silicone-free and my hair is in the best condition of its life. Never gets greasy anymore, styles hold. Amazing. Buy the litre - you will use it and won’t regret it. - Laura Richards

♥♥♥♥♥ Lifesaver
I’m new to 3mi and have started to use the Pre-wash, moisturising shampoo and conditioner and the oil and mousse I’m on my 5th use of lifesaver and I love it! It feels very luxurious when you rinse out before shampooing. I have curly/frizzy coloured/bleach balayage hair (grey roots) that needs some tlc these products when used together have made my hair feel soft smooth and shiny also my frizzy curls are starting to gain more definition when left to air dry but with plenty of volume and they feel light, clean and bouncy. I previously followed the CGM but couldn’t find the right products for me but now I feel like I’m finally understanding what my hair needs and how to look after and style it! Thank you Michael x - Debs

♥♥♥♥♥ Miraculous!
I’d heard a lot of the hype on a Facebook page and believed it to an extent. Anyway, this stuff really is miraculous! I have weird hair. The front is straight and the back is very curly so I need to either straighten back every day or curl the front. Neither holds regardless of product. My roots also get very greasy and I need to wash it on day 3. I used this and left it in overnight and then washed with the volume shampoo and conditioner that I got in the set. Washing it felt strange as there was very little lather and I was sure it wasn’t done properly. Anyway, the results were crazy. My hair felt like silk and the back, which is usually coarse was so soft. The next day my hair was still perfect- full of bounce but no curls. Day 3 was perfect still and I decided to curl it and this stayed until day 5. By day 5 my hair was still great, bouncy and fresh but I’ve never gone that long without washing my hair so gave in. I’m back on day 3 this time with just the shampoo and conditioner and it is perfect. I have subscribed to my this stuff now because there really is nothing as good. I actually can’t believe how amazing it is! - Alison

♥♥♥♥♥ Amazing
I’ve used once and am sat with it on at the moment for my second use. I have very thin fine hair and struggled for years trying so many products - to even considering a wig. After just one, yep, just one application my hair had started to improve, it was softer, not as frizzy, not as dry. My partner even commented that it felt thicker/fuller. A couple of days later, my hair was still soft and not dry, the ends usually get very dry and frizzy within 30 minutes of blow drying and normally feel like straw, but not anymore. Fantastic product. - Helen

♥♥♥♥♥ It’s magic!
I purchased the LifeSaver Pre-wash treatment and noticed a difference after the first use. I have suffered an itchy scalp and eyebrows for a while and thought it was stress related. Having used it twice more (alternate washes) my hair feels much softer and certainly looks healthier! I bought the moisturising shampoo and conditioner to complete the treatment at the same time. I no longer have an itchy scalp or eyebrows and think that it was an allergy to silicone!! Brilliant! Thank you! - Louisa
♥♥♥♥♥ My hair loves this Product
I have medium thickness curly hair, which is also highlighted, so this combination makes it pretty dry and this can make for some bad curly hair days!!! I do my best to keep it as moisturised as possible and try to limit heat when drying, which helps. But the biggest difference has been including the
LifeSaver to my routine, I use it once a week and always leave it on overnight to work its magic, and the next day I have the best curly hair day, my curls look bouncy and healthy with less frizz at my crown. I also find my hair is better for the next couple of days as well, meaning I have to wash it less, which is a bonus x - Niamh

♥♥♥♥♥ Words fail me!
I was sceptical, I'll admit! After seeing so many ads on my Facebook promising me shiny, glossy, movie star hair and delivering nothing of the sort, I'd started to lose hope in finding something that would keep my hair strong and healthy. My hair wasn't in terrible condition, but not good either, years of colouring and heat damage were taking their toll, combined with major surgery which messed with my hair completely!

Two uses of LifeSaver and the difference is insane. There was no hiding my ends with finishing products and straighteners to disguise how dry my hair looked, in fact all I did was blow dry my hair and leave it. It’s shiny (despite being a bleach balayage) and bizarrely, it's been less greasy. I'm on day 2 and no dry shampoo in sight!! …..Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. - Rhianne Montgomery

♥♥♥♥♥ Unbelievable
Have been using it for a while now and it's unbelievable how my hair has improved! My hair tends to get oily a lot at the roots and it has reduced how greasy they get! I absolutely love it!!! - Vilte

♥♥♥♥♥ Amazing curl hold with this mousse
Best mousse I have found, my hair will finally hold a curl! - Anon

And haircuts last longer too

When hair condition is maintained well, the ends don’t thin and fray as quickly and the extra natural body and shine holds styles for longer. For many people it means hair stays looking great right up to the next haircut and beyond.


♥♥♥♥♥ Absolute necessity
I've been using this treatment once a week since March. I'm in the process of trying to grow out my damaged bleach hair. This treatment has been a "lifesaver", my hair finally has its natural curl back. My hair looks more hydrated and supple and I'm definitely able to go longer between cuts. Previously my hair would get terrible split ends, however that's reduced drastically!! - Samantha


♥♥♥♥♥ The best hair treatment I have ever had!
My friend recommended this product so I thought I’d give it a try, although I was sceptical as I'd tried so many treatments before. I was intrigued by the ingredients though and what also attracted me was that it is a pre-wash treatment. I just love the product and now can’t live without it! I like the fact I can apply it and go about my business and sleep in it as it's not at all greasy. It doesn‘t leave marks on your bedding or feel uncomfortable or wet in the night, as it dries quickly. I have even applied it before work, put my hair in a braid and it stays neat all day, doesn’t look greasy or as if I have a treatment on. It also smells lovely. I have been known to leave it on for 2 days if I didn’t have time to wash it out. It’s great on beach holidays, apply it, tie or braid your hair and at night just wash it out and you’re left with silky soft healthy hair. It really gives amazing results. I have long hair and always suffered from split ends. Since I‘ve been using this (about a year and a half) I no longer get split ends, have to have my hair trimmed a lot less (which is great as I wanted to grow it longer) and in general have noticed how much healthier my hair looks. I have comments from other people too about how long it has grown and what lovely condition it is in. For me this is the best hair product ever and I never want to be without it again! - Kirsty

Product ingredients

European brands are more advanced in the clean movement as the EU have banned about 1300 ingredients for use in personal care. Other jurisdictions have less regulatory oversight for what you put on your hair and skin; for instance, the more relaxed US had banned just eleven.

In America you can still find formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) in hair straightening treatments and nail polish, parabens (an endocrine disruptor that interferes with fertility) in widespread use. Even asbestos is still not banned, following manufacturer lobbying, and has even turned up in make-up. US legislation is a closer match to the EU on new chemicals coming to market but it ignores the thousands of toxins already in use.

We are constantly working to create cleaner more effective formulas that deliver the very best in Healthcare for Hair® and I don’t believe that process will ever end.
We follow EU rules and use mostly naturally derived ingredients; avoiding nasties like parabens, methylisothiazolinone, xenoestrogens, silicones,and phthalates, but it’s an ongoing process as new ingredients are discovered, and more is understood about existing ones.

 Michael Van Clarke

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