Round Styling Brush - Firm Bristle

Perfect for medium to thicker hair types that perhaps need a little more taming, these are the handmade artisan brushes I have used throughout my career and continue to use in our award winning London salon. This version has firm but silky nylon bristles which glide across the cuticle to smooth your hair.

Healthcare for Hair:

• Correctly spaced bristles minimise stress to the hairshaft and detangle without ripping or tugging; so your hair stays naturally healthier, thicker, and if you want, longer too.
• Cheaper inferior brushes can stress and damage the hairshaft causing wear and breakage.
• Keep a 2cm distance from the tip of the dryer nozzle to avoid damage to the hair and brush.

How to use:

Take clean sections and lift hair from the roots as you brush. When blow-drying, make sure you never hold the dryer too close to your hair – don’t forget keep at least one inch away.
Care for your brush by occasionally damp wiping with soapy water to remove product residue. Rinse and allow to air dry. Do not immerse brush in water.

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