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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Lauren

October 05, 2021

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Lauren

Bad hair can creep up on you. Time is scarce. Life gets too busy and you put yourself last. Hair starts to take longer and longer at home to get less and less of a style.

Scheduling regular salon visits through the year is my preferred way. Consistently great hair is the goal. It's about maintaining hair that’s looks good rather than fixing hair that’s become bad, and it ultimately saves so much time and hassle at home.

The Cut

Lauren’ hair had been forgotten and was way overdue a professional intervention. It was extremely dry and split and hung like a heavy pyramid around her face. It seriously needed precise long layers to put the flow back into Lauren’s hair.

In teenage years when hair is smooth and silky, the A-Line blunt cut can work as a simple youthful line. As we get older the hair gets more textured and possibly a bit wavier. This shape then expands at the base giving a pyramid effect. Heavy around eye level and too wide around the shoulders.

In addition, the texture means it doesn’t move as freely, so sits heavy and static. The bushy effect leaves some new clients referring to themselves as Hagrid, from the Harry Potter character. Flat irons will help deal with it but what it really needs is shaping with long layers…something this generation of hairdressers haven’t been taught. Many earned their NVQs working on dolly blocks and were released to a vulnerable public having never worked on a live head. Shocking I know.

The Diamond Dry Cut™ is my natural method of sculpting. We cut hair dry to see the shape evolve in much the same way as an artist approaches a marble bust.

It’s always better to have a versatile haircut that works for straight or wavy styles. Then if a straight blowdry or flat iron starts to wear off it still looks great. Or if you want to wear it natural that’s good too. It makes wavy styles much easier to achieve. And they last longer. We graduated the ‘too long’ hair at the front and connected long layers through to the back.

Condition & Colour

After cutting we gave Lauren our LifeSaver Ultra Treatment. Nothing infuses moisture, strength elasticity and shine quite like this. Lauren can now continue at home with this unique system of Healthcare for Hair™ Read… The Facts of LifeSaver

Lauren's colour was patchy and faded. Shabana our talented colourist chose a rich brown Colour Gloss which gave depth and shine. These colours have no peroxide and do not change the hair structure but simply wash out over 6-12 shampoos. It's a much healthier way to colour long hair if you're not wanting to lighten the natural base tone.

I’ve had some good haircuts during my time in London but none have come close to blowing me away the way Michael Van Clarke himself did. Watching him work is utterly mesmerising, he is just incredible! I entered feeling a bit haggard, the weight of life showing in my miserable hair but within seconds my spirits were lifted. The salon is something else – fresh flowers, a beautiful smell and friendly staff not to mention a wealth of hair products, artwork and good chat.

My hair had a lot of breakage from not having cut it for so long, heat damage, and using not great hair products. Shoving it up in a mum bun hasn’t helped either. So Michael had a chat with me about keeping the length but layering out the excess volume. I had a much needed all over brown vegetable dye that made my locks super shiny. I’m absolutely thrilled with the final look and probably the best haircut I’ve ever had. My hair has movement shine and looks amazing. I can honestly say I left the salon a different person. I cannot recommend Michael Van Clarke highly enough.Lauren


For Lauren’s hair we used our hero product LifeSaver Ultra Pre-wash Treatment to rehydrate and repair. Even after just one application it injects strength and moisture into the hair which is the critical element in hair having spring, elasticity and bounce. It gets even better with continual use. We washed with Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo and protected with Cashmere Protein UV Protective Conditioner


A little Volumising Mousse helped give body and control and some Magic Oil to smooth. We used the Large Round Brush Soft Bristle to style. Then finally a little Ten Second Transformation to feed and smooth the hair giving a little shine and texture too. Lauren uses a No.1 brush to stay groomed during the day.

 Michael Van Clarke


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