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That Eureka Moment!

August 04, 2023

That Eureka Moment!

Heat protecting - Frizz deferring - Super hydrating - Bond repairing - Faster drying - Shine enhancing.... with body and swing... Eureka!

The struggle to reach perfection involves much journeying into darkness and slaying of dragons. And in product development, perfection is never reached, merely a new peak.

This product took five years of creative exploration, deep work and stress, interspersed with frustration and the tedium of COVID delays, fears of it never happening and then finally the euphoria and relief of that Eureka moment. Achieving something superior in its class to anything else we've tested on every level. This really is the best blow-dry balm.

If heat protection is your thing - this uses 99% naturally derived ingredients. Guarding your locks without silicones or plastics.

Frizz-busting? Beautifully and naturally while keeping hair vibrant and flexible with added curl retention.

Did you mention UV Protection? Two of the best natural ingredients make it doubly effective. High shine, body and swing. All in one package. Eureka! 

What it Does

Extremely stable tannins of caesalpinia spinosa pods from the tara tree and extract of sunflower sprout, protect hair from free radicle damage, and restore resilience to make rough tired hair shiny and beautiful again.

Eureka seals cuticles to prevent thermal damage from heated tools and aggressive blowdrying. It repairs chemically treated and heat-damaged hair, prevents colour fading, and helps rehydration, improving elasticity and reducing flyaways.

What You See & Feel

Eureka’s lightweight properties give high shine and a natural feel. It has exceptional curl retention, retaining 84% curl memory after 50 extensions for moveable frizz-free waves that last longer.


Depending on length and thickness, use 2-4 pumps. Spread across palms, then apply to damp hair. Comb through for even distribution and get styling. When layering styling-products apply Eureka first, followed by your usual favourites like; Thicker Quicker, Volumising Mousse and Magic Oil.

Amazing Ingredients

If you look down the shopping aisle at 99% of hair products you'll see some very commonly used ingredients. Want heat protection? - Silicone. Want high shine? - Silicone. De-frizzing? - Silicone.  Along with various other plasticisers. What amazingly cheap wonder ingredients you may think. Well not really.

We avoid commonly used silicones or plastics which bury themselves into the cracks and voids of the hairshaft, because they build up and ultimately dehydrate your hair leaving it weak, brittle and unresponsive. Eureka uses 99% naturally derived active ingredients to replenish and guard your hair keeping vibrant natural strength and flexibility. 

Tara Tree Pod
A small tree native to the Peruvian Andes, used in traditional medicine to treat infection and aid healing. Its very rich hydrolysable tannins with gallic acid are very stable and effective antioxidants that help guard against heat and UV stress.

Sunflower Extracts
The sprouts of the sunflower have the highest concentration of phytonutrients that are known for their health promoting properties and also give effective UV protection for hair.

Hydrolysed Cashmere Amino-Acids

Ultra fine molecules from cashmere protein are almost identical to human hair so are drawn deep into the hair shaft to repair, protect and hydrate.

Michael Van Clarke

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