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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Emily

January 26, 2024

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Emily

Emily had relied on extensions for thicker and longer hair. She’d taken them out just before visiting me, and as is often the case, they'd put a strain on her own hair which was quite broken and depleted.

Emily’s hair was thick and healthy enough at the roots to grow long if it was cared for properly, but now the ends were overbleached and very broken. We agreed on a big change. One that would shift her into a new identity.

1. The Haircut

We wanted a clean line that was carefree and strong but also easily styled into different looks. The Bob is a haircut that’s easy to say and easy to get wrong. Getting the weight distribution right is unique for each person and their hair type so that the hair falls correctly and grows out well.

Without this nuance of layering and balancing it can give a strange dynamic where the hair just hangs and is pulled further backwards by the excess weight, losing the strength of line soon after cutting and growing out increasingly mumsy.

Using our signature Diamond Dry Cut method, I created a slight A-Line outline and layered up from the base in A-Line to give a forward bias to the fall of hair. We also needed to pick up the shorter broken hairs around the face, but these were just about long enough to tie in.

2. Colour

We wanted to get a brighter more textured effect for Emily to enhance the sense of depth and movement in the hair. Using a combination of techniques including balayage and foil highlights, our colour expert Bernadett achieved a brighter blonde look while maintaining good condition and natural shine. Minimal bleach was used in the process.

3. Condition

Emily has a fantastic quality of hair at the roots: thick, wavy and supple and she just needs to look after it to keep it at its best. A key product for Emily’s hair is LifeSaver Pre-wash Treatments. These aren't oil-based treatments, and you can’t overuse LifeSaver®. They feed, hydrate, repair and strengthen hair without weighing it down and give vibrancy to all hair types. Regular use means less thinning, less breakage and fewer splits ends.

4. Styling

NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm is the best choice for styling Emily's hair. Just apply, comb and style, or not not if you like the natural look. This product eliminates frizz and defines the waves whilst protecting the hair from UV and heat damage. The Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner also helps soften the hair and give shine. 

We used a little Thicker Quicker at the roots and a large round brush helped smooth the hair for an effortlessly groomed look. Large round tongs added a sassy twist. Once dried, we fed through a little Magic Oil to define the layers, give texture and shine.

 Right haircut, right time. Loving the new look." - Emily


We used the LifeSaver ULTRA Pre-wash Treatment and washed with Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner.

We used the NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm, Thicker Quicker Volumising Blowdry Spray, Magic Oil and the Large Round Brush to style.

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