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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Will

June 24, 2021

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Will

Will had that, ‘I’ve been sent here by my wife’ look on his face. Like many men, his life experience was of barber shops where blokes are supposed to go. Spit and sawdust for the hardcore, and maybe a pool table in the more gentrified ones.

It’s true that about 75% of my clients are female, but when men discover the difference a proper haircut can make, they’re extremely loyal and don’t want to give that up. Some of my clients have gone to extreme efforts in getting their husbands and boyfriends to visit. One spent nearly two years cajoling and persuading her partner. He finally agreed to come in and since that day 40 years ago, no one else has cut his hair. Some buy them gift vouchers. Another lady paid her husband’s bills in advance for a year telling him it was only half as much.

If someone hasn’t experienced the feeling of much higher quality in anything, they won’t know it exists, so need a lot of persuading. Knowing there’s a version that’s more expensive isn’t the same thing as valuing the feeling the upgrade gives you. In hair, that’s not only looking and feeling so much better, but also the freedom that comes from it being effortless, or certainly a lot simpler to deal with and longer lasting.

1. The haircut

There’s a difference in the range of work a barber will cover compared to a great hairdresser who would be competent in all barbershop styles and much more; a sculptural precision that extends further than a clippered No.2 with fade. Will’s hairstyle was a bit random when he arrived. The result of a little home help through lockdown over a haphazard pre-lockdown short cut. We decided to shape it back to a neater look to tie in the gaps. This would also grow out well.

Whilst I like hair that looks effortless and unstructured, achieving that requires masses of precision and structure, else the hair may indeed look good occasionally by chance, but most other times be a frustrating struggle. Using our signature Diamond Dry Cut™ method, I sculpted a properly layered and balanced shape that will still look good as it grows into a longer looser look.

A lot of effort goes into making sure hairlines look natural without hard edges. I dislike the Fred Flintstone cartoon outlines that some stylists impose on short hair – a sure sign of a brutal cheap haircut  - ‘barber woz ’ere!’

2. Condition

A key product for Will’s hair was LifeSaver Prewash Treatment. This a not an oil-based treatment and you cannot overuse LifeSaver®. It feeds, hydrates and strengthens hair without weighing it down and gives vibrancy to all hair types. Used with Cashmere Protein Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, the hair is nourished and protected.

3. Styling

After cutting dry, we damped down and finger dried into style. Then applied a little Ten Second Transformation to give definition and texture to the layers.

A fantastic haircut which looks natural and effortlessly stylish. Michael pays a lot of attention to detail and the result is amazing.” - Will


 Michael Van Clarke

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