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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Davida

July 02, 2021

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Davida

People with wavy or curly hair suffer more with frizz. It’s the nature of the texture, but what many people don’t realise is how frizziness can be exaggerated by the haircut and the drying process. Shelf-like step layers on straight or wavy hair make frizz much worse as the ends do not connect properly to blended layers so stick out and look frizzy. Knowing which products to use and the right drying techniques also helps reduce frizz.

1. The haircut

It’s not often I’m a bit stumped. But Davida had undercut the entire lower half of the back to a short crop early in lockdown. It had grown back but was still five inches short of the length and we wanted to keep. It was going to be a challenge to rebalance and work around where the hair was missing. Clever disguising was needed.

Also, like most people, Davida had no proper layering. Just a one length outline which created too much width at the bottom and flatness around the eye level. Then a shelf-like step cut in at the cheek bones which didn’t blend with anything, but made the look disjointed and frizzier.

I wanted to inject life and movement into the hair and for this we needed proper shaping followed by some cleverly placed colour to give tonal depth to the whole effect. Using our signature Diamond Dry Cut™ method, I took a graduated outline and sculpted face-framing layers through to the back. We then moved onto colour.

2. Colour

Jodie used a combination of colours in foils to create tonal depth and interest. The contrast created by the textured weave also helps to reduce frizziness in the finished look.

3. Condition

A key product for Davida’s hair was LifeSaver Prewash Treatment. This a not an oil-based treatment and you cannot overuse LifeSaver®. It feeds, hydrates and strengthens hair without weighing it down and gives vibrancy to all hair types. Particularly on curly hair it smooths and controls whilst feeding goodness into the hair. Used with Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo and Conditioner, the hair is nourished and protected. In fact, nothing we’ve come across keeps colour better than this trio of hero products.

4. Styling

LifeSaver UV Leave-in Styling Treatment is perfect for eliminating frizz and defining Davida’s waves. Mixed with Volumising Mousse, it gives extra smoothness and hold. Then finally a little Ten Second Transformation mixed with Magic Oil helps feed and smooth the ends of the hair giving a little shine and texture too.

I’m so happy with the results. The cut has given me so much more volume and I love the rounded shape and how it falls – the layers work perfectly for my hair as it’s quite thick, while the copper and blonde highlights have added much more dimension to my curls. I was especially happy that my hair could be lightened without bleach.“- Davida




 Michael Van Clarke


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