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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Isabella

June 24, 2023

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Isabella

It may just be me. But in the before-picture on the left, all I can see is the hair.

When something’s not right it shouts for attention. In the after-picture on the right, all my attention is on Isabella, the hair being almost invisible to me. It looks and feels so right for her and blends seamlessly with her persona.

1. The haircut

Firstly, we have a thorough consultation to understand what’s wanted and what’s possible. Hopefully then, everyone’s at ease before the scissors come out. Isabella wanted to keep her hair super-long but knew it needed shaping.

One of the other benefits of cutting hair dry is that the client feels part of the process because they can see the shape building and they can see how it will fall into place even before styling.

So often with simplistic wet-cutting, the client is in the dark, as salon-styling after a wet-cut covers a multitude of errors and then the problems fall to the client once they wash their hair at home.

We wanted to keep the length, so less than 1 cm came off the middle at the back. Using our signature Diamond Dry Cut™ method, I seamlessly layered up from the base to shape the outline and provide connection to the sculpted face-framing layers, that give lift, movement and vibrancy. 

This balances the weight from front to back, so the hair moves as one.

2. Colour

Bernadette, our talented colour technician, did a masterful job creating a beautifully natural Nordic Blonde effect. Isabella is Scandinavian but as with most natural blondes, the colour darkens as they get older.


3. Condition

Isabella has great quality hair and can keep it long and coloured by using regular LifeSaver Treatments. These aren’t oil-based and you cannot overuse LifeSaver®. They feed, hydrate and strengthen hair without weighing it down and give vibrancy to all hair types.

4. Styling

NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm is the best choice for styling Isabella's hair. Just apply, comb through and style, or not if you like the natural look. This product eliminates frizz and defines the waves whilst protecting the hair from UV and heat damage. 

The Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner also helps soften the hair and give shine. A large round brush smoothed the hair for an effortlessly groomed look.

"I walked out of the Michael Van Clarke salon feeling absolutely thrilled. Michael and his incredible team breathed life and volume into my hair, brought back my natural curls and gave it a stylish shape. The colour looks flawlessly natural and blends perfectly. Their talent and vision are unmatched. I can’t recommend them enough. - Isabella


We used the LifeSaver ULTRA Pre-wash Treatment and washed with Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner.

We used the NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm and the Large Round Brush to style.

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