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Party Season Hair

October 03, 2022

Party Season Hair

Pondering hairstyles for your next event?
Here are some popular styles for the party season and how we achieve them.

1970s Retro Curls (as image above)
The key feature of these curls is that the ends hold the curl and the roots are very loose. This is achieved easily with heated curlers. No girl would be without a set of Carmens in the 1970s/80s. They still form part of a professional’s session kit. Quick to put in, the ends absorb most of the heat at the core leaving much less for the roots which wrap around the surface. This gives the distinctive ‘70s feel. Hair can be prepped with Volumising Mousse to smooth and give body and the rollers go into dry hair. Finger through to keep a slightly separated tussled look with a little Magic Oil or Ten Second Transformation.


Classic Tonging
A different type of curl in that the strength of the wave is even down to the tips although dragged at the root to prevent too much height which would then be more 1960s big hair Barbarella. Back in the day, this was a good way of prepping models’ hair at the beginning of an all-day shoot as it would then keep body for a multitude of looks through the day.

I remember in my early days regularly doing this to a young Jerry Hall whose hair was so thick and long, it would take two people well over an hour. I think the look stands the test of time right up to now, but current fashion often leaves the ends out for a straighter edgier look.

The tonging is worked on dry hair but hair can be prepped first with some Magic Oil or Volumising Mousse and may need some blowdrying around the hairline first for a better finish. Finally, some Ten Second Transformation gives shine and texture and a more modern feel.

1930s Hollywood Glamour
Claire looked after Katherine Jenkins’ hair for a big charity gala last week. Katherine treated the audience to her remarkable voice before Julien Macdonald entertained with his catwalk fashion show. Claire helped backstage with the 34 models too.

Prep the hair with Thickening Blowdry Spray and a little Magic Oil. Blow dry the hair smooth with body and then use small tongs as a wand, curling the hair away from the face.

Comb out the curl and tease it with a brush to get that Hollywood glamour wave. Smooth one side and pin with a hair accessorise behind the ear. Finish with a mist of Holding Spray to keep it all in place.


Quick Party Ponytail - Last Minute Invite
Claire has a reputation for speedy hairstyling when time is short. Prep the hair first making sure hairline is nice and smooth. Tong the hair using small round tongs. Separate the from ear to ear. With the back section create the ponytail then split the top section into three and back comb the roots. Smooth the top section over but keep the height, then pin just above the ponytail. Repeat with the sides.

Then back comb the ponytail to make its fuller but keep the curl. Finally take a small section of the ponytail to wrap around and hide the band, then pin the end underneath. A spritz of Holding Spray takes care of loose stray hairs and holds it all together.


Wavy Plait
Summer’s seemingly effortless sexy hair plait is perfect for this season. Prep the hair with some Thickening Blowdry Spray or Volumising Mousse to give texture and grip. Dry off and lightly tong the hair with medium to large tongs. Teasing it out to create texture. Section out a rectangular section of hair at the front for the plait. Secure the rest in a high ponytail. Section the front into three and plait towards the back, picking up pieces from the ponytail to bring them in to the plait. Don’t be afraid to pull on the finished plait to make it looser and bigger. Pulling a few pieces out around the front hairline can create softness. To add more glamour and sparkle try decorative clips or pretty headband.


Formal Wear
These chignons are reminiscent of a bygone age but are beautifully elegant in the right modern settings. The high ponytail forms the basis of all of them and the rest is about dressing out the tail. Some will need padding and extra wefts of hair to bulk out the style.

Michael Van Clarke

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