In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Helina

November 13, 2020

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Helina

Frizzy hair can be problematic. Unfortunately, it’s made much worse by poor haircutting and the multitude of silicone-rich defrizzing products that fake health and shine for today, but dry it out further for tomorrow.

A poor haircut and hair health will mean more frustration and fiddling, and generally looking way below your best. If you’re resigned to thinking you’ve got bad hair, help is at hand. We have the techniques and the products to banish frizzy hair.

Follow what we did…

1. The haircut
The cut is the most important part of your hairstyle and should do most of the work. If it’s not cut well you will work harder and feel less confident.

Helina’s haircut was typical of the corrective work I do for new clients. It had an incoherent outline shape with a clunky stepped layer about four inches up from the back which made the top section of the hair sit like a shelf on the under lengths. It needed proper balanced layering and our unique Diamond Dry Cut is the only method that sculpts hair precisely.

2. The colour
Jodie our Senior Colourist, did an amazing job of balancing out the colour and introducing contrast with warmer and lighter lowlights, then followed with a warm rich vegetable toner.

3. The condition

Nothing restores and maintains hair health quite like LifeSaver Prewash, as the thousands of testimonials from here to Australia verify.

So Helina’s glossy finished hairstyle can be worn naturally wavy or smooth styled.

My hair has always been unpredictable, some days really curly and others flat and frizzy and as I have got older it seems to be drier and duller in colour (except the highlights of grey which are not embraced!) With my hair, the thing that I long for is a sense of style and rich colour - Michael and the colourist Jodie have totally given me this. Hairdressers have always struggled with my hair, I guess down to the different textures and curls, but as soon as Michael started to cut and maybe because it was dry, I could immediately see a style taking shape and once he had finished the cut and without any styling it already looked 100% better.

The lovely Jodie then gave me a deep warm chocolatey colour with a 
subtle lighter halo to lift it. I love it! I finally feel like I have a hairstyle which is stylish, flattering and easy to manage at home. Thank you to all the MVC team for giving my hair the makeover it needed and that I hoped was possible.” - Helina


For Helina’s hair we used LifeSaver Prewash Treatment to rehydrate, then UV Protective Shampoo and Conditioner. A little LifeSaver UV mixed with Volumising Mousse helped smooth the hair, give heat protection, body and control. We used the Large Round Brush (soft bristle) to smooth. Then finally a little Ten Second Transformation to feed and smooth the hair giving a little shine and texture too.



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