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In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Poonam

February 01, 2024

In the Chair - Real People Real Hair - Poonam

I despair. Not just an energy-sapping, frizz-creating haircut but with great chunks missing from the back, which Poonam wasn’t aware of. Some haircuts can drown us and require lots of styling to make something of them. Proper connected layering can set the hair free.

Poonam has fantastic thick supple hair, but her cut had left it heavy, dry and leaden not to mention the holes and steps. She struggled to maintain stable colour. She struggled to style her hair or get it to hold any form of wave or bend even. She knew it wasn’t right but every attempt including graduating the front last time left it heavy and stilted. Her hair was drowning her.

1. The Haircut

The haircut is the foundation for everything. If the haircut isn’t right, it will impact how you feel and your confidence levels. It will waste more of your time with excessive styling which will harm the condition which will affect the colour and how long that lasts. And as the condition deteriorates it will require more styling and colouring to keep it looking good which will make the hair drier still…… So the best thing is to get the haircut right and then everything becomes easier and better looking.

Poonam liked her hair long but the haircut had so many lumps missing that we had to take off some length to correct and balance the shape. The lack of proper connected layers made her hair much drier, straighter, and heavier than it should be. Not to mention flattening and dulling the colour. I could feel the supple vibrant life-energy in her hair, but none of it could get out beyond the oppressive clumsy haircut.

So often with simplistic wet-cutting, the client is in the dark, as styling after a wet-cut covers a multitude of errors mostly kept at the back where the client can’t see them but affecting the entire shape. The problems fall to the client once they wash their hair at home.

Using our signature Diamond Dry Cut™ method, I took a graduated outline and sculpted face-framing layers, then layered up from the base to shape the outline and provide connection to these long layers.  This balances the weight from front to back, so the hair moves as one. Because Poonam has such thick hair it was necessary to refine the tips and take out weight to give an overall lightness and encourage flexibility in the dry ends.

One of the other benefits of cutting hair dry is that the client feels part of the process because they can see the shape building and they can see how it will fall into place even before styling.

2. Colour

The haircut alone improved Poonam’s colour enormously. Cutting away the dull ends and revealing new dimensions of tonal variation. We discussed colouring the hair less frequently and leaving more of her natural tones uncoloured.



3. Condition

Poonam is on a programme now to restore her natural hair quality that has suffered from poor cutting and colouring. Regular LifeSaver Pre-wash Treatments will protect and restore the natural quality of hair. These aren’t oil-based and you cannot overuse LifeSaver®. They feed, hydrate and strengthen hair without weighing it down and give vibrancy to all hair types.

4. Styling

NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm is the best choice for styling Poonam's hair. Just apply, comb and style, or not not if you like the natural look. This product eliminates frizz and defines the waves whilst protecting the hair from UV and heat damage. The Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner also helps soften the hair and give shine. We used a little Thicker Quicker at the roots and a large round brush helped smooth the hair for an effortlessly groomed look. Once dried, we fed through a little Ten Second Transformation to define the layers, give texture and shine.


Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. This cut is incredible. His concentration and

attention to detail is like watching an artist at work."- Poonam

We used the LifeSaver ULTRA Pre-wash Treatment and washed with Cashmere Protein Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner.

We used the NEW Eureka Blowdry Balm, Thicker Quicker Volumising Blowdry Spray, 10 Second Transformation and the Large Round Brush to style.

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