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Multiskilled or Multitasking? Rosie's Story

July 29, 2023

Multiskilled or Multitasking? Rosie's Story

What is multitasking?

If you like to virtue-signal your multitasking abilities, you might want to look away now. This ‘ability’ to work at two or more tasks at once is often displayed as a heroic badge of honour.

But is it really a good thing? Talking on the phone while typing a project, watching TV while writing emails, scrolling through social media during a meeting, or listening to a person talk while writing a shopping list?

It can seem like a great way to get a lot done at once, but research shows our brains aren’t nearly as good at handling simultaneous tasks as we think they are. The body may appear to be handling the tasks at the same time, but the conscious brain cannot do this so switches attention back and forth. It’s different to muscle memory where the behavioural patterns don’t drain the mental ‘RAM’. Much testing shows multitasking can reduce comprehension, attention, and productivity.

People tend to overestimate their ability to multitask, and ultimately become more distractible, stressed, show more impulsivity, work slower and make more mistakes. Focussing on one task at a time allows us to be truly present in the moment. This mindfulness comes with a host of benefits for mind and body.

RosieMulti-skilled on the other hand, means having several skills, talents and abilities to draw on. Rosie is one such multi-skilled operator. She was already an established professional make-up artist when she decided to take up an apprenticeship with us.

Rosie and TeamThat was back in 2013 and since then Rosie has developed into the consummate professional. Her flair with both hair and make-up makes her an easy choice for events both in the salon and on location.

Rosie's Story

Some people battle with angst to choose a career. I think hairdressing chose me. I’ve been passionate about hair for as long as I can remember. Obsessed with it. Possessed even!

When I asked my mum, “What was I like as a little girl?” She said, “Exactly how you are now, you haven’t changed! You weren’t one to sit and play with toys and watch cartoons, all you seemed interested in was hair, make-up and dancing around.”  This doesn’t seem to have changed much.

Rosie MitchellI used to watch ‘Grease’ and copy everything - hair, clothes, and make-up. I’d keep running into my wardrobe and change according to the different scenes. I always wanted my hair like Sandy had at the end of the film - all curly.  So mum would put my hair in rags and I loved it.

Rosie ShowMy two younger sisters, Daisy and Lilly were my real-life dolls. I’d always be begging to try different hairstyles on them. They were literally my first ‘House-Models’. Now I work with real models like on shows for Julian McDonald at the palatial Lancaster House.

RosieAt my school-leaving prom, I put in four strips of hair extensions, then tonged it all. That’s a lot of hair. It took four and a half hours. Crazy! 

Rosie Summer

After school I trained for three years in musical theatre. Amazing! We’d experiment with hairstyles from different eras for the performances.

After theatrical college I took a job in Harrods, to supplement auditioning, working on the make-up and beauty counters. This seemed to take over as I loved working with make-up. I decided to take courses in make-up and beauty at London College of Fashion.

Rosie Bride

Not fully satisfied, I looked into hair courses and jobs. I applied for a Michael Van Clarke apprenticeship. I’d never seen such a professional salon and instantly loved the feel of it. I started in March 2013 and being a slightly older apprentice helped me advance quicker.

RosieMy work is forever progressing. I’m like a sponge for new techniques and am continually learning and refining my skills. I like to keep my creative skills developing so work on a lot of shoots in my spare time with professional models to keep my portfolio fresh. It's exciting to see a vison come to life on set.
 RosieIt’s one of the things I love about the changing world of beauty and fashion, you are always learning something new.

I love the team at Michael Van Clarke. I honestly think they're all amazing and very talented! I have learned something from every person. Everyone is supportive and helpful and I feel this is very important.

RosieI’ve worked on amazing magazine shoots and catwalk shows, such as Harper’s Bazaar, ID, and London Fashion Week at Somerset house. I've also worked on campaigns for international fashion houses.

Rosie WeddingI'm really lucky to be part of the bridal team at Michael Van Clarke, and love going to the catwalk shows and also looking after the hair and makeup for actual brides and their families.

Rosie ClaireAnd back at the salon I love to see my clients and give them the full experience of personalised care. I believe self-love and self-care are so important to wellbeing, and it means a lot to me that I can help raise their self esteem and confidence with my skills. 


Michael Van Clarke

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