LifeSaver UV*

March 06, 2020

LifeSaver UV*

Life is short. We all get just 24 hours a day. Killing two birds with one stone (a small flock even) gives us more bang for our buck. So what if you could style your hair beautifully, and quickly, and easily, AND be giving your hair a restorative protective treatment at the same time? Does that sound like a good deal?

This is what LifeSaver UV does for so many people across a range of hair types and styles. From long and frizzy to my own shorter more sober hair that is fluffy and uncontrollable without a good spritz of LifeSaver UV after washing.

Tasilia’s hair is long and tinted. The ‘before’ hair in the left picture was damped down with LifeSaver UV and diffused with a dryer. It could also have been left to dry naturally. The ‘after’ picture on the right was taken 15 minutes later.

LifeSaver UV is a leave-in styling treatment and was developed after the LifeSaver Prewash Treatment. We discovered many people were leaving the treatment in for days, instead of washing it off, because they liked the beachy effect. But the LifeSaver Prewash was too heavy as a leave-in for finer to normal hair so we developed the lighter LifeSaver UV as a leave-in styling treatment and added more UV protection with an SPF ingredient.

It’s the best sun protection for your hair bar staying indoors or wearing a sombrero. And that goes for beach combers and city dwellers.

We tested LifeSaver UV in two of the harshest climates for hair. Firstly, a 7-day sun and seawater test in the Maldives where temperatures averaged 32 degrees Centigrade. For these tests, one long weft of hair was cut into 3 pieces. One piece stayed indoors. One was protected with LifeSaver UV. And one was left unprotected. 

At the end of Day 7, the unprotected hair on the right had become brittle, faded and distinctly thinner.  

These are darker hair samples. The unprotected hair weft on the right had become drier, thinner and faded.

Then we tested against sun and pool water in the blistering Negev desert. The left hand weft of brown hair was unprotected. It’s only when you see the comparison side by side as each day passes that you can understand clearly just how mercilessly the sun rips colour and condition out of hair.

LifeSaver UV Spray’s amazing protective properties are a breakthrough. It properly protects from thinning, drying, and colour fade but allows the hair to be worn in attractive styles.

Hair shrinks and wastes away under the sun’s rays. Long hair would take 3-4 years to fully replace the damage at the ends, and in that time would likely have had this punishment repeated a dozen times on successive holidays. LifeSaver UV Leave-in Styling Treatment is sun-cream for hair.

What it is

LifeSaver UV is the only wearable protective treatment for all hair types that dramatically improves the health, strength and beauty of your hair from root to tip while keeping it styled.


What it does

Cashmere proteins naturally rebuild the bonds in every strand for longer, stronger, supple, gorgeous hair that shines with health. Slows down colour fade better than any other product. Helps combat hot styling, sun, sea and modern living to give A-List hair more often, more easily. Gives great beach and surf looks while repairing and nourishing your hair.

What you see & feel

• Instantly your hair will feel thicker, naturally softer and stronger with healthy shine and swing

• Gets radically better with regular use as you see less thinning, less breakage and less splitting

• More natural volume, easier styling, richer colour and vibrancy

What it doesn’t do

Doesn’t weigh hair down like oil treatments, or use corrosive salt to get beachy effects

Use instead of

Styling surf sprays, curl activators, and silicone/argan oil - laced cosmetic treatments.

Application tips

Use as a leave-in styling treatment to calm frizzy, wavy unruly hair, or to get sexy surf styles on straighter hair. Use every day on holiday for sun protection. Spray onto hair or onto hands and work through. Comb through and leave or diffuse for styled finish.

Amazing Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Cashmere Amino Acids – virtually identical to human hair structure, these fine molecules drive deep into the hair shaft repairing broken bonds and maintaining moisture balance.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein – Strengthens and moisturises

Conditioning Complex – A unique blend of conditioning agents seal and protect

FREE from: Parabens, sulphates, xenoestrogens, phthalates, fragrance, colourants

Michael Van Clarke
Michael Van Clarke

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